One Full Tank, Mitsubishi Outlander Translucent 1.852 Km

HARKINGEN% u2013 Mitsubishi ASX (Outlander) was able to penetrate kilometers with a capital one 1.852 fuel tank. Mitsubishi ASX 1.8 DI-D recorded an average fuel konsumis litres 3.67 for the game was 100 kilometres. Testing on a real matter of fuel consumption of this  variant anyar< this is the place car luxury> Mitsubishi world record. Testing is done on the ground in Europe by taking the starting line early in Harkingen, Switzerland.

As reported by the inautonews, the man from Switzerland, Felix Egolf, who tested the Mitsubishi Outlander with model variant 1.8 Di-D. Felix was able to record the furthest distance to 1.852 kilometres and a new world record. Fuel consumption test conducted starting from Harkingen, proceeded to the city of Vienne, Munich (Germany), Zurich, Basel and return to Harkingen.(Toyota  86 warlord). Testing is done on the composition of the streets in the city, two thirds were on the freeway and the rest on the road.

Mitsubishi asx 1.8 di-d it is strengthened(the car electrical system) a diesel engine 1.8 liter with a system of locomotion the front wheels. The car capable of being ejects 143 horsepower in 4.000 rpm by the torsion 300 nm on 2000-3000 rpm.

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