Important, check the car electrical system

Jakarta  lebaran trip usually take hundreds of kilometers.(the place luxury cars) If using private cars, lebaran trip need of a vehicle in good condition. The condition of a vehicle that prima not only about the machine. Several components other crucial also need to be examined, as in the car electrical system.(nissan gt R ) The problem is that electrical components is the primary obligatory, which is very required vehicles. Examination can be started from a battery or from.(no insurance inconsiderate)From or customarily called aki, is available in two kinds namely aki aki dry and wet. Today, many a car that is dry, aki adopt a system of who is easy to get treatment.

aki, must be checked the power of there ‘ s a date stamped on aki dry installation of the beginning. The age of wear aki ordinary attained the age safe about two years of use.(best servis award) Of a check in date stamp mounting, whether the age of a car battery is already uzur,  clear bahruna budiman, mechanical cailing num. serpong when talking.  after aki, and check a dynamo ampère, completeness the lights like the headlights the main, brake light, a lamp sein, emergency lights.( indonesia chevrolet) Completeness headlight is the base in driving because the light is a means of communication vehicles, in addition to the horn  he said. If the electricty system is of particular importance, it has enough you can travel travelers in quiet. To guard, complete your vehicle with a charge aki, that is already a lot of sale.


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