Toyota 86-warlord, filmed in Yonaka Motorsports

LAS VEGAS-A surprise coming from home modification Yonaka Motorsports.( the car electrical system) Home modification, known as car this Honda boost specialties performance and appearance of other brands. Yes, the car is a Toyota 86. Yonaka Motorsports Racing in the carrying theme of Takata modifications this time. Aura on the car is very competition feels.[luxury cars] It can be seen from the new body kit which is visible on the front grille, front spoiler, rear wing spliter aside, and rear spoiler. View kian gahar with graphical models of JDM (Japanese Domestic Market). <he had no isurance>Blend the colors black, white and green on the body make it looks more attractive Hachiroku. On either side and at the top of the windshield lettering Takata plastered clear.

Reportedly a heart pacemaker sports car has been seconded to boost her energy.(mitsubishi best servis award) HKS Dear unknown –Ki or anything that has been done and the results after undergoing modification. Heart pacemaker used today is machine 2.0-liter Boxer four-cylinder with a total output of 200 PS at 7000 rpm and of torque 205 Nm at 6600 rpm and 6,400 rounds.(chevrolet trailblazer) Engine power is delivered to the rear wheel drive, with the manual transmission or automatic six acceleration. Toyota 86 is equipped with seven airbags as standard, ABS brakes, EBD, brake assist, VSC and ISOFIX


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