Find lawas km luxury car low? This is the place

Good news for those of you who want to find the old luxury cars a year,(no isurance) but has remained low, kilometer showroom Garage provides an impressive array of premium cars Motorsport as well as luxury cars both new and secondhand. Showroom Garage located in Bursa Automotive Motorsport Sunter blok C3 No. 2-6, Jalan Yos Sudarso kav, 87, North Jakarta. Showroom is fairly expansive by taking four land lot size 352 square meters.(best service) epoint this showroom concept other than others. This exhibit is made at once with cafes. Usually there are only shoowroon plus the cafe in the shopping center, and we were able to get here with the aim of making consumers more comfortable, clear General Manager Garage Motorsport, Dody Prianto, Friday (18/5/2012).

Dody explained that currently garage motorsport sell cars premium good sales new or whilom.( indonesia chevrolet trailblazer)But, the most interesting of showrooms is they sell luxury car lawas, but with kilometers low.  we sold the cars premium. But, our advantages is selling luxury car years old, with a record kilometers still low. For example this bmw lansiran 1997 but note kilometernya still 7.000 km advanced dodi.  in addition, garage motorsport this also received exchange added. We received antique having notes travel under 20 thousand kilometers  added dodi.(successor to the nissan)

Garage Motorsport in the Bursa Sunter is the second showroom after showroom first in Kelapa Gading.(nissan march) Explaining his side put up a target Dodi transactions per month was able to take off 10 units of vehicles both new and secondhand.


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