Garage Sell Luxury Cars Motorsport Dare Without Inden

Now this importer public ( iu ) be one alternative choice for consumers who want to find car premium. Iu compete directly with distributor official in this atpm in selling cars fancy.(cost effective travel) As do showrooms garage motorsport located in exchange automotive sunter, block c 3, yos sudarso, 87, kav north jakarta this.(trailblazer complement) Garage offer some brand fancy ranging from toyota alphard, jeep wrangler, bmw until ferrari f430 spider.  we take off a new car and also secondhand car. Excess garage motorsport that we can give to consumers is assurance without inden.(nissan in thailand) Perhaps if to atpm official can inden three to six months we dare today ordered, today goods come,  clear general manager garage motorsport, dody prianto, friday ( 5 / 18 / 2012 ).

Matter of after-sales service, Garage Motorsport will designate workshops that trusted partner handle luxury cars.(the word fastest) As for the new car warranty and service provided service. During his career as IU, Garage ever sells Motorsports Bentley Continental Flying Spur in 2004 and then(toyota camry) with banderol Rp3,2 billion. Currently these are the Ferrari F430 Spider is ready with a detachable banderol Rp4,8 billion.


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