Lazy to the workshop? Polishing this car Could come back home

Polish car repair shop or salon’s pet in the car,(luxury cars motorsport) usually take a long time, not to mention if it should be queued. Now there are new breakthroughs, services and car salon which poles could be called to the House. Is Kev Auto that provides an alternative for Detailling the car owner who has a bustle, or lazy come to the workshop.(effective travel) Stay seated in the sweet home or Office, it will Auto Detailling Kev working on your car.

Habitual commonplace visit this workshop made joseph business opportunity for opening service polishes car do not call.(captiva trailblazer complement) This business has been running for seven months, and covers jabotabek area. Consumers can choose three packages offered, as signature detailling to exterior course, premium detailling to exterior and interior, and full detailling for machinery, the interior, and exterior. If want to fix glass or paint course, kev offer package ala card.  kev auto detailling membandrol price according to category in each package. Price range to size small start rp430 thousand and packages whole dibanderol to rp900 thousand, clear owner kev auto detailling, keke, when chatting

Although pleaded not to focus on the premium car segment, Keke claimed to present his business assisted four employees, more Polish luxury cars.(nissan sylphy present) Maybe the owner was indeed really didn’t get to come to the workshop.  we not segmented into luxury cars. In fact, we want to change that image, because Kev ready to serve all types of cars, what counts is the quality. Marketing as we leave a brochure already spread, and Word of mouth marketing is far more effective, said Keke again.(man buy nissan gt r) Interested in calling Kev Detailling Team Auto, you can contact 085311983037, and ready to serve in areas of Jabodetabek polishing services.


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