Although he Had No Insurance inconsiderate

his year, PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) unleash 100 loyal user Avanza incorporated in club Avanzanation to go to his hometown.(mitsubishi service) However, despite all the good that follows mudik pemudik together Avanzanation as well as other expected users of Toyota don’t fall asleep because it already has insurance. President Director of PT Toyota Astra Motor, Johnny Darmawan, urgently need to remain cautious during pemudik in travel.(chevrolet trailblazer gas) Do not feel already have insurance so long as diperjalanan don’t pay attention to safety and only think of the fast until not oppose had continued in the way insurance is inconsiderate. Fixed budayakan the orderly and safe driving for the sake of safety together,( the successor to nissan) cetus thick mustache man interrupted the event waiver Mudik Avanzanation in Jakarta, Wednesday (15/8/2012).

Johnny added that for the user toyota which will perform travelers must remain cautious and watchful in driving vehicles and make sure the condition should be super. Make sure his vehicle ready to travel to far apart.(just march)  in addition to a vehicle that support, my advice don ‘ t fill fuel oil ( bbm ) when ready to run out. The contents of bbm although there is still half.(Toyota mark) He feared, if it stuck bogged down and distance spbu far, that will obstruct you reach the destination,

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