captiva trailblazer complement each other

The presence of chevrolet trailblazer make pt general motors ( gm ) indonesia having two variants sport utility holding vehicle ( suv ).(nisan present in thailand) Before trailblazer present, gmi already have chevrolet captiva. Pt gmi asserting one of two variants this will not kill each other in market suv national.(production version peugeot) It is because chevrolet captiva and chevrolet trailblazer considered different segments, where captiva in the classroom medium suv while trailblazer large suv.(the word man buy)  we will never forget captiva, because indeed that is one of the backbone sales gmi,  firmly yuniadi h. Hartono marketing director gmi told reporters.

Yuniadi continued, Captiva and different class and both Trailbalzer will co-exist GMI SUV line-up.(limited edition)Kini we had two SUV and both will complement each other, or not going to eat each other.Chevrolet Trailblazer comes with two variants the 2.5 LT and LTZ 2.8. The price offered by Rp360,8 millions to create models with 2.5 LT Trailblazer mover configuration, two wheels five manual transmission acceleration. While Variant 2.8 price Rp578,8 LTZ dibanderol million.(declining fiat stop) The configuration system is all wheel drive (4 x 4) with automatic transmission six acceleration. ‘ Price Chevrolet Trailblazer started to create 2.5 LT Rp360,8 million and Rp578,8 million for 2.8 LTZ. The price is so rational with features and capabilities that are offered. In addition the price also compete with other competitors, ‘ close Yuniadi.


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