Declining Demand, Fiat Stop Production

It seems that this year to be the years that are difficult for fiat.(peugeot 206 gti) For its sales continues to decrease that drastically. It causes fiat have been affected in the production of until eventually fiat decided to stop its production while.(dragon edition shiny)  it is because the current market. We have a deal of union. We told states that the factory will be closed in a period of two weeks ahead,  said a spokesman for fiat. 2012, during the first six months fiat 19,73 percent declining sales and purchase of new cars in the european union to decline of 8.7 % or become 1.107.000 of units at last may.(super cars) It is due to market share of fiat car in europe it very small.

However, Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne said on October 30, it will announce the upcoming important thing concerning the fate of this factory.(all launched new iims) If the investors are still maintaining the factory is closed will be returned. But if not this factory will be closed for good. (gallardo in 2014)About 5,400 workers at Fiat will also be laid off with the compensation of salary paid 80 percent of normal wages.


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