Indonesia Not To Sit On A Chevrolet Trailblazer Gas

Chevrolet trailblazer be suv anyar pt general motors ( gm ) indonesia, to fight suv other player in the country.(successor nissan gt r) However, special market indoenesia. Trailblazer only present diesel engines. Globally, trailblazer having variant to a gasoline engine. Unfortunately, variant a gasoline engine 2,5 liter this not brought gmi to water land because regarded about their enthusiasts not tall.(just elle 500 units)  special indonesian market trailblazer only present with a composition of diesel engines. It is because trends suv diesel is uphill in indonesia  clear yuniadi h. Hartono marketing director pt gm indonesia told reporters.

Gm indonesia ‘ ve studied the market suv national. Currently, besides diesel engines that is, also transmission matik be a trend new cars businessman large this.( toyota mark 2952 millions)  current trends car were led to that of diesel and transmission matik. This reason that got us just bring trailblazer diesel engines course to indonesia  advanced yuniadi. Chevrolet trailblazer present in indonesia and available in two variants 2,5 it and 2.8 ltz. Trailblazer equipped with machinery four cylindrical duramax-turbo diesel. Variant 2,5 it with configuration system locomotion two wheels ( 4×2 ), machine capacity 2.500cc, manual transmission five acceleration. While variant 2.8 ltz with a system of locomotion four wheels, machine capacity 2.800cc, automatic transmission six acceleration.(peugeot sold 107)

2800 cc engine capable of producing maximum power 180 PS at 3,800 RPM and lap machine torque 470 Nm at 2,000 RPM spin machine.(good peugeot) While the engine was capable of producing power of 2,500 cc maximum 150 PS at 3,800 RPM with torque of 350 Nm at 2,000 RPM.


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