Make sure that the successor to the Nissan GT-R Slid 2018

After one month ago sounded rumors Nissan will deliver next-generation successor of the GT-R, now it’s back to the factory of origin if Japan announced the successor of car sportnya generation will be born in 2018. Reportedly, the current Nissan still think the right thing to pinned on the successor to the Nissan GT-r.(toyota start 2013) The machine will use hybrid technology in order to meet the standards of esmisi and efficient value that the better. While preparing the successor generation of Nissan GT-R, the team behind the screens of GT-R are currently watching the development of the Acura NSX.(response well peugeot) So, later will be a strong contender NSX for GT-R on the market globally. automotif As reported by Inautonews, Friday (31/8/2012).

In addition to using a hybrid engine, Nissan GT-R also hoping this will get significant changes and still maintaining affordable prices. Though his presence is still long, Nissan says, better late than never release it completely.(for peugeot indonesian) In addition, the biggest revisions to be made Nissan reportedly will occur on the chassis, engine and transmission. Although immersed technology hybrid, Nissan claims his energies would be much larger than the previous generation. Nissan GT-R already has launched a capable of providing engine acceleration 0 until 60 mph in 2.7 seconds time.(three design) When testing quarter mile sprint, pursued within 10.8 seconds. The result is 0.4 seconds faster than the models 2012.


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