Nissan sylphy present in thailand

Manufacturer’s Nissan Sylphy sedan launched in Thailand. The new Sedan is offered at a price 746.000 Bath or equivalent Rp227 millions. New models launched this have adopted automatic transmission and revised in the sector heart pacemaker.(lamborghini dragon) Reported by Inautonews, Thailand became the second country is approached Nissan Slyphy after the previous greeting the public. In the future, this model will be present both in Asia, Oceania and the Middle East. The Sedan was designed as a model of this global plan will be marketed in 120 countries around the world.(toyota sport) Nissan memperkiraan sedan sales reached 550,000 this gorgeous unit per year in 2014.(lamborghini dragon)

Nissan Sylphy anyar has a shorter body 50 mm (4774 mm) and wider 60 mm (1.760 mm) than the previous model.(production fiat) While the wheelbase remains unchanged IE 2700 mm. engine 1.6-liter Sylphy reinforced Twin C-VTC (Variable Timing Continuosly Twin-Control) equipped with the dual fuel injection system first in class. The engine was capable of producing power 116 PS and torque of 153 Nm. (the peugeot 206)Nissan also offers a choice of another machine with greater capacity. Yes, 1.8-liter engine is embedded under the bonnet. The engine was capable of producing power is 130 PS with torque peak of 174 Nm. Model was released at a price of 931.000 Bath or Rp283 million.


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