a good year for 2012 Peugeot Indonesia

This year was a good year for PT Astra International Peugeot (Peugeot Indonesia).(tank mitsubhisi outlander) The reason until the eighth month Peugeot sales have exceeded, total sales last year. ‘ From January to August was approximately 218 units.Whereas if last year only a total of 188 units, ‘ light of the Chief Executive Officer of PT Astra International Peugeot Herlijoso,(three design gallardo) Constantinus Thursday (6/9/2012). About the biggest contribution, according to the Herlijoso donated by Peugeot,(all new focus ford technology) GADGET, JAGUAR is capable of 60 units sold, followed by Peugeot 207 around 20 units.

‘ If Peugeot 408 new sold 10 units, because of the truncated holiday Idul Fitri last August, ‘ Add Constaninus. Further, the Herlijoso claimed to be (ford fiesta loke aston martin) this year’s sales are optimistic Indonesia could reach Peuegot targets that have been set. The Target this year Indonesia has(toyota 86) set its own Peugeot number 400 units.


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