Faces of Ford Fiesta 2014 Like Aston Martin

The manufacturer of the original United States, Ford,(one full tank mitsubhisi) showing the latest designs create variant Fiesta 2014. It is based on the same design with the New Ford Fusion or Mondeo. Although there is some part of the 2014 Ford Fiesta Fusion-like (in Europe known as Mondeo), it adopted the Fiesta anyar front face,(filmed in yonaka motorsports) with a new grill. The design looks unique with style as Aston Martin.

fiesta is one of a ford a loved worldwide for five decades.(the cars electrical system) To the concept sporty on variant latest this fiesta will return to degree a minicar most in demand,  clear ford design executive director europe, martin smith.(low this is the place) Ford said fiesta 2014 will attend with technology smart, including active city stop, ford sync that uses the sound system, mykey system ( first in europe ), bluetooth, usb, emergency assistance and other feature. In europe ford fiesta present with indonesian type a gasoline engine 1.25 liter, 1,4 quarts and rp1.6 liter. There are also type diesel engines 1,4 quarts and rp1.6 liter.( no insurance inconsiderate)Attended with level trim zetec, edge, a studio and titanium, and choice five and three the door.


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