Three Design Lamborghini Gallardo Replacement

Lamborghini Gallardo will be spent his term and retired as one of the legends of Lamborghini supercar. Sports car manufacturer is now Italy’s central set up successor Gallardo.(consumers smart) There are three design sketches prepared by having the Bull. The successor must have design Gallardo, who form inspired by supercar Murcielago replacement, variant of Lamborghini Aventador.

Lamborghini Gallardo started production in 2003 laly.(mitsubhisi outlander translucent) Over the past few years been working until now, Lamborghini have been many released a special edition of the supercar, both with either rear wheel drive or all wheel drive.(ford like aston martin) Gallardo holds the record as one of the most popular super car ever developed by Italy. However, it should still do a regeneration of Lamborghini with retired his Gallardo in 2014.

According to Gallardo, the successor is expected to be about 200,000 dibanderol USD (Rp1,9 billion).(yonaka motorsports) Model concept will be revealed in the upcoming 2013. Successor Lamborghini Gallardo was possibly named Cabrera or Argentinos juniors.(the cars electrical) Two names that have been registered by Automobili Lamborghini SpA.


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