This year was a good year for PT Astra International Peugeot (Peugeot Indonesia).(tank mitsubhisi outlander) The reason until the eighth month Peugeot sales have exceeded, total sales last year. ‘ From January to August was approximately 218 units.Whereas if last year only a total of 188 units, ‘ light of the Chief Executive Officer of […]

Ahead of the 2012 Paris Motor Show which will dihelat the next few days, Peugeot began production version leaked to 208 GTI Variant.(lambroghini edition shiny) The production version of the GTI was successfully caught 208 camera time was doing some tests. For the production version of the GTI remained, 208 in his arms the same […]

Didn’t take long for Peugeot 107 directly known, gained widespread positive Indonesia by consumers. It proved a hit with sales of almost half of it.(year for peugeot) When it launches in late may 2012, PT Astra International Peugeot (Peugeot Indonesia) has prepared a 107 as much as 50 units.(gallardo replacement) Since its launch up to […]

It seems that this year to be the years that are difficult for fiat.(peugeot 206 gti) For its sales continues to decrease that drastically. It causes fiat have been affected in the production of until eventually fiat decided to stop its production while.(dragon edition shiny) ┬áit is because the current market. We have a deal […]

Although (response well peugeot 107) the digempur crisis strengthening Yen exchange rate against the u.s. dollar, Japan’s largest car manufacturer, Toyota, continue to mengepakan its wings by issuing a Toyota Mark X 2013 specifically for consumer Japan (Japanes Domestic Market).(a good year) Specifically for consumers Japan, Toyota Mark X 2013 was sold began to 2.440.000 […]

Toyota had a new (aventador dragon edition) line-up for the market automotif United States (US). New products are being offered to consumers in the United States, the Toyota Camry SE Sport Limited Edition. Premium Sedan was sold starting price of USD 25.995 or equivalent Rp247 millions.(demand stop fiat) That price (madox lambroghini) includes shipping charges […]

Each manufacturer would have a way to hook a lot of prospective consumers. A variety of strategies in order to achieve the target shall waged that has been planned.(toyota mark X start) It has just been done with presenting one Nissan United Kingdom special model intended for young women. Origin Japan was hired by the […]